How to Leverage the Power of LinkedIn to Generate Inbound Leads and Acquire New Clients for your IT Services Company.


The exact same proven methods that our clients have used to generate thousands of leads!


Here’s What You’ll Discover In This Free Guide:

 – A proven 5-step process, specificially to help B2B IT service providers and consultancies, start generating more inbound leads and customers who have a need for their specialist IT services.

 – A 7 item checklist that will allow you to develop a high-converting LinkedIn profile and enable you stand-out from the competition.

 – Learn about the massive, un-tapped ‘blue-ocean’ of opportunity that the LinkedIn platform has to offer and how you can capitalize on this.

– How to leverage lead generation as a service, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional results for clients all while still generate high quality sales appointments on a weekly basis.

– Learn how a compelling brand message will allow you to stand-out from the crowd, raise hairs on the back of your prospects neck and allow you to have potential customers reach-out to you to do business instead of the other way around.

– See how LinkedIn prospecting can help you to open up high quality sales conversations and fill your pipeline with minimal time and effort. Nothing is more important that getting discovery meetings, conversations and sales calls with potential customers… learn how LinkedIn can help you to achieve this in the free guide!

And much more…



About Kieran Moloney

Kieran Moloney is a sales and lead generation expert who helps small to medium-sized B2B IT service providers acquire new clients and break into new markets.

Kieran has worked and consulted with some of the leading technology and financial services companies around the world. Companies such as Credit Suisse, UBS, Quantcast & SAP.

Kieran thrives on helping small IT service providers secure high-ticket contracts and long-term engagements with established enterprises.