Your existing customers? They love what you do. 

They see the value that you provide. 

They know you’re trustworthy and when it comes to it, they know you can step up to the plate and deliver.

But that’s not the problem…

The problem that you want to solve is turning somebody outside of your network into someone who has seen what you do, values what you have to offer and wants to engage with you and your business.

And in order to achieve this..

In order to turn someone from a complete stranger, into a pre-warmed new sales conversation, you need to first  make them aware that you exist and then, you need to make sure that they are able to recall how your product or service is uniquely positioned to help them.

To do this, you need to create a clear and concise message and offer… that is relevant to your ideal customer, and that is conveyed in such a way, that it solves their biggest pain point and helps them to achieve their ambitions.

You know I see so many founders, business owners and even marketeers who never take the time to do this step and they wonder why; nobody opens their email campaigns, responds to their outreach, clicks through their ads, opts into their ad campaigns… the list goes on.

Your brand message is such an important part of what you do.

It’s everywhere. It’s part of your sales script, your marketing collateral, it’s on that website you spend hours and hours designing, the ads that you’re spending thousands of dollars per month on.

With that being said, it is essential that you write and communicate this in a simple and clear way that helps your customers thrive.

Key marketing metrics like bounce rate, email open rates, new connects, inbound leads, opt-ins, sales close rates.. they will all get better with improved messaging.

It can help to turn your marketing spend from a hard-to-justify money pit into something that delivers real return on investment and that directly impact sales revenues.