Marketing strategies for IT companies can be difficult to implement and as a small business owner, providing or selling technology services, wearing a lot of hats this is especially true.

You have to provide world-class customer service to generate referrals, renewals and up-sells. Keeping on top of accounting and finance is important too. You need this to gain accurate insights, stay compliant and guide decision making. A good sales process is needed to turn new leads and prospects into customers. Most important of all, you have to consistently market you, your business and your services through sound marketing strategies to have a full pipeline of these new leads and prospects.

The Reality Today

The vast majority of small business owners are completely overwhelmed with day-to-day operations. They’re in a constant state of context switching, jumping from focusing on fixing bugs and handling incident tickets to marketing to operations and back again. The reality is you can’t do your best work and be as productive as you can be when your attention is scattered across several different tasks and areas of your business.

It’s for this reason why you should design a working schedule that promotes sustained focus over constant context switching. And not just that, sustained focus on high-yielding Revenue-Producing activities. Prospecting for new accounts, building and nurturing your email list, content marketing, writing scintillating ad copy, coming up with new offers and other marketing strategies for IT companies.

So, to achieve unforeseen productivity and results this year STOP mindlessly jumping from one task to another. Instead, theme your days, or half days, on specific business functions. For example, dedicate Friday morning to just creating quality content or writing sales copy. And really focus. Put your phone in another room. Turn off your notifications, don’t check emails. Ensuring that you get into a deep focused flow state. And you really want to plan this stuff in advance so you can prioritize meaningful work. Set clear expectations for the people around you so they know when not to interrupt you.

And I guarantee you, by doing these few seemingly small activities, the compounding impact on your productivity and result will be staggering.